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“When you focus on what you have versus what is missing you shift from scarcity to abundance. The universe is complete; nothing is missing. By simply aligning with theis abundant completeness and having gratitude for what you already have, you open yourself up and attract more and more.” 

I’m grateful for much in my life right now:

  • new home
  • new name
  • new brand
  • new fiancé
  • new family

As many tpa readers know, I was coach to Kristina Karlsson and Paul Lacy – founders of kikki.K – designer stationery (don’t worry I haven’t blown their anonimity, they are happy for me to say I was their coach for many years!). kikki.K have a beautiful Gratitude Journal which I use and recommend. Journaling is a system – something we do each day, each week or when the moment inspires us. Often we don’t realise that by repeating actions over and over again, they are associated with thoughts and these can create new neural pathways. Remember if we don’t ‘use it we lose it’ – be it a system, a thought, a neural pathway, or … dare I say it… a file!

Rememberthe pcbs revisited is a simple step-by-step system. It is hours and hours of trial and error that coaches around the world have undertaken to give you (and me) a time-saving professional coaching system. One of the many benefits of the pcbs revisited it that it saves you Stress: Anxiety about what to do is alleviated – you will do the right things (effective) and do things right (efficient) – you can now relax and put your mind at ease – you can feel confident that things will not fall through the cracks and processes are systemised. The pcbs revisited will allow the flow of information and diary tasks to carry you past the usual guilty-grind. Create your own “guilt free, gild-edge system”. You can incorporate the reoccurring tasks into a simple daily, weekly or monthly routines that flow. This will defuse your short fuse freeing you of the background noise about mere routine issues.