Why Rebrand?

by admin.

Why rebrand?” Good question.

This rebrand was prompted by my name change from Belinda Merry to Belinda MacInnes. Yes, I’ve taken my lovely partner, Don’s, family name… MacInnes. Given I have not been married to Warwick Merry for 8 years now, I have finally taken the plunge and waded my way through all the bureaucracy/paperwork to become Belinda MacInnes, Master Coach, Director of Belinda M Pty Ltd. Phew… what a job that was.. It really was a lesson in patience (see more below)…. Navigating my way around the Australian privacy laws isn’t fun but it was definitely worth it. Talk about red tape!

Don and I are now living in our beautiful new home in the Victorian Central Highlands between Ballarat and Daylesford. Here is a photo of our library. (Remember, Belinda M clients have access to these resources). Now, it is mid-winter here and it is freezing. Our magnificent 5 acre garden is bone bare and the hedges have turned a dark purple. The grass is verdant green and the fog is heavy today as I write. However I can’t complain as we are just back from a two week escape on Gili Air, Lombok, Indonesia… our fourth trip there, so we must love it. Snorkelling with big green sea turtles and thousands of tropical fish is good for the soul.

We have been very lucky here on our farm as we have been some of the first Australians to be connected to the much talked about National Broadband Network (NBN). It is a godsend, as we are quite isolated here and to have fast reliable internet service is wonderful. It took about 7 months to get it fully up and running (after a few false starts).. again another lesson in patience.