DOSE – High Performing Teams do this

by belinda.

My colleague, and ICF Global Board Vice Chair, Wai K Leong MCC ran a fabulous session at APAC’s 10th Anniversary Conference in Bangkok called The Power of Team Coaching in Organisations.  (that’s me with the conference mascot above!)

A team has two common denominators: a common goal; and interdependent members. Individual effectiveness is impacted by teams therefore long-term change is best with teams. So how do we get a team to perform as a unit versus a group of individuals?

Wai K used the high performing teams at Google as the case study (Project Aristotle). What we learned was that the key ingredient for high performing teams is a safe place to experiment. This is called Team Psychological Safety (TPS).

Q:      How do we create a safe place?
A:      By upping our DOSE of Happy Hormones

Dopamine (goal)
Oxytocin (relate)
Serotonin (gratitude)
Endorphins (action)

Two dimensions of High Performing Teams are Positivity (working together) and Productivity (getting things done). When team members feel safe and happy they can get the job done.

As Belinda M clients know, I am a great proponent of upping our Happy Hormones and support others (and myself) in upping our DOSE. If you, or anyone in your workplace (individual or team) is looking for a partner to up these neurotransmitters, please do contact me to discuss how we can achieve this on a sustainable level.