Qualities of a Master Coach

by belinda.

Again and again I’m asked what it takes to be Master Coach. This is a big question with no clear answer. Of course, there is the thousands of hours of experience, the hundreds of hours of coach specific training, and then there is WHO the coach is being.  EXPERIENCE + TRAINING = CREDENTIAL

On my desk I have a list of some of the Qualities of a Master Coach that I aspire to:

  • Lives in the paradox of knowing and not-knowing
  • Actively learns from every circumstance
  • Pursues ongoing personal/professional evolution
  • Has a willingness to speak their truth with grace and compassion
  • Lives often in beginner’s mind, open and curious
  • Has a deeply respectful quality of presence
  • Is humble, attentive and present in each moment
  • Is not attached to outcome, and yet is committed anyway
  • Has a sense of humour in relation to human foibles
  • Is coachable and relates well to self and others
  • Can ‘surrender’ while coaching (from ego, judgments, assumptions, knowing)

Thanks to my fellow Faculty at Coach Inc that I had the pleasure of spending time with on a working cruise in the Caribbean (how exotic does that sound?) when we brainstormed these.