Transformational vs Transactional: What’s the Distinction?

by belinda.

Why do clients coach with me? Why do clients come back again and again for more coaching with me?  These are questions I’ve been focusing on with my own coach, in my professional development and by simply asking my clients! Again and again I hear that I’m DIRECT and I’m authentic. People get the real me – direct and diplomatic. I’m a pure coach so I work with people on WHO they are being. My clients know their work practices better than I ever will, but do they know themselves as well?  What limiting beliefs are holding them back and need to be retired? What neural pathways need to be rewired? What behaviours need to be Noticed and Named, then Neutralised? These are just some of the enquiries made during time for self-reflection with a Master Coach.

By focussing on WHO you are being, you can discover your values. Then when your vision is aligned with your values, you feel motivated and energised, and your vision becomes effortless to realise. Your energy is increased as the “shoulds” are removed. (phew!)

As you design the right HOW, you end up discovering who you really are. You evolve and grow in the process. Professional coaching with Belinda M works with you to discover the WHO, while designing the how and clarifying the what.

This Belinda M Coaching Model has been informed by many modalities. It’s a simple model, integrated and informed from domains including: ontology; mind/body/spirit; adult development; Maslow; Personal Foundations; Positive Psychology (remember Martin Seligman developed this AFTER coaching became mainstream); and more…

Focusing on WHO vs what in my professional life means I don’t have to keep updating my body of work, and I’ve only just realised this! Be it my coaching at Master Certified Coach (MCC) level; my systems manual the Professional Coach’s Business System (pcbs) Revisited; the way I run teleclasses and webinars; or simply how I show up in the workplace. It sure makes life simpler as it is authentic. As I’m often heard to say – TRANSFORMATIONAL vs transactional. Far more sustainable and far more fun to practise.

I was interviewed in August 2013 about Emotional Intelligence. At 33:10 mins I segue into talking about discovering WHO I am being and becoming solid in it (11 mins total). If you are interested, let me know and I’ll send it to you via DropBox.