The News Media Want to Talk About Truth, but Readers Can’t Stop Talking About Trust

by belinda.

Marie Kondo seems to be taking the world by storm. I’m not a fan, not because I don’t like her work, but because I’m constantly reviewing, recycling, repurposing or reusing. Those that know me know that I gravitate towards minimalism, thus the few the things around me don’t just bring me joy, I love them!

Last month, after six years in our new home, it was time for a library review. I have been a Kindle reader for many years now, so only buy hard cover coffee table books. These beautiful books were piling up; thus it was time to make room in the library shelves. I have donated most of the business books to a local co-working space (Platypus Ballarat) and non-work-related books to my book club and charity. It feels good and looks good. I was surprised at the amount of dust behind the books…we live on a dirt road so really it was not surprising at all! Now all is clean and clear and clarity reigns. The pared down BelindaM resource library list (password protected for clients) is now on my website (link here).

One of the business books I kept was The Speed of Trust by Stephen M R Covey (son of Stephen R Covey). Last month I read a review of Jill Abramson, former editor of the New York Times, new book titled The Merchants of Truth. The Australian reviewer Beejay Silcox said this:

“The news media want to talk about truth, but its readers can’t stop talking about trust.”

Interesting hey? One of our core coaching competencies is Creating Trust and Intimacy. No wonder coaching continues to grow globally. We are often one of the only people that our clients can truly trust, as we have their agenda foremost, not anyone else’s.