Focus is the Art of Knowing What to Ignore

by belinda.

How do we know what to focus on and what to ignore? My tip is to focus on Energy Gainers and ignore Energy Drainers. If what I’m focusing on drains my energy, then I need to change focus. If it gives me energy, then I’m on the right track.

I’m discerning online in that I only follow those who lift me up. No more energy drainers, FOMO, comparisons, too salesy or over-posters. I love beautiful pictures, quotes that resonate, genuine writers and authentic souls. I’m choosing to watch more comedy and happy documentaries on TV/Netflix so that I feel optimistic afterwards. I listen to podcasts that inspire me, feed my brain, are relatable and authentic, or make me laugh.

What are you focussing on that gives you energy? Energy Gainer ↑

What are you focussing on that drains your energy? Energy Drainer ↓

Choose wisely. Notice how you feel after spending time in front of a screen, on a call, or in your own mind. My mind can be a minefield. Thus, I have to monitor my thoughts to not get seduced into the energy draining ones. Easier said than done, but it is doable… with loads of practice, support and love. Mostly self-love which is an ongoing project.

Thanks to James Clear, author of Atomic Habits. I believe he is the Stephen Covey of the 21st Century.

Quote from James Clear’s email 24 Jan 2020.