What’s your 2021 Vision? (too soon??)

by belinda.

Too soon? Is it too soon to even be thinking about 2021?

Vaccines? US elections? Climate? So many variables. Too many variables? We live in truly VUCA world. We have no idea WHAT will occur but we do have some idea about WHO we will be, and it is this circle of influence that we can vision.

The Belinda M Coaching Model is simple and clear. By focusing on WHO you are, you can DISCOVER your values. As you DISCOVER WHO you are, you can craft your unique VISION to be an expression of these values. Then you can DESIGN HOW you can manifest your vision effortlessly and with joy.

“When your VISION is compelling enough, the strategy (the HOW) to reach it appears.” Yet so often we start with the HOW and get stuck as it limits us. In these strange times we can’t even begin to start with the HOW as there are too many variables. Known unknowns and unknown unknowns.

When your vision is aligned with your values, you feel motivated and energised, and your vision is effortless to realise. Your energy is increased as the “shoulds” are removed. In the past, if you have found it a struggle, a challenge, too slow, or you lacked the motivation to move forward towards your vision; I suggest that you may have been focusing on someone else’s vision (such as that of your parents, manager, boss, partner, or teacher). Listen for the word ‘should’; if you say it often, perhaps your vision isn’t really yours.

Make sure the ladder you are climbing is up against right wall. Working with your own professional coach as a visioning partner, you can be assured you will be working towards YOUR VISION.

Belinda M offers two 100 point checklists: Discover Your WorkStyle, and Design Your WorkStyle. If you would like a copy of either or both of these, simply email belinda@belindam.com with the name(s) of the checklist you want in the subject line.