My two words for 2020: f*^%wits and sh*%show

by belinda.

Happy Holidays! Really? Yep. It is that time of the year again and for many of us we are limping over the finishing line of 2020. What can I say that hasn’t already been said elsewhere? I have two words for 2020:

f*^%wits and sh*%show

Not professional language I know, but it sure captures the zeitgeist. Find out why in my IG post about lockdown.

As we move into the summer months here in Australia, is joyful to be able to be outside in nature without a mask. And… it is bushfire season… Don and I are staying home this summer to keep an eye on things, and this weekend we are packing up our fire boxes and reviewing our fire plan. It’s the reality of life here on our farm.

No new posts – I’m too tired! Instead, here are links to previous posts that are timely for the holiday season.

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I’m an optimist at heart and will continue to be. No amount of f*^%wits and sh*%shows will dampen this. Hang in there, we are nearly at the end of a truly memorable time in our lives (or would we rather forget?) and I am sending you love, peace and happiness.From my home and office here in the beautiful Victorian Central Highlands to your home, where ever you are. Summer, winter, back in lockdown, or simply doing it tough. You are not alone.

Thank you for being a part of my Master Coach world. See you in 2021.

Stay well, stay safe, stay sane!