Time Blocking = Confidence . Peace . Flexiblity

by belinda.

Confidence. Peace. Flexibility. Who doesn’t want these? I certainly do, as do my clients, friends, family and colleagues.

How do we get these feelings? One way is to Time Block which I explore in this 4 minute IGTV here.

I’m not exaggerating when I say Time Blocking revolutionises your time management thus allowing us to feel confident, peaceful and flexible. Clients using Time Blocking (also called Time Boxing) say this:

“By using time boxing I have had a breakthrough in my recognition of how much time things take throughout the day”

“Scheduling less across a day with blank space gives me the flexibility to do more and be adaptable to different situation that arise.”

“Time Blocking allows me to achieve more than what I set out to do which builds my confidence and provides peace of mind.”

What’s stopping you from moving from the old 20th century Do-To list into the awesome 21st century Time Blocking method of getting things done? Usually it is one of two things – either you don’t know how, or if you do, you don’t put time aside to actually set it up. Do contact me belinda@belindam.com if you want support in using this modern, flexible and satisfying way of living.