Corporate Coaching

Coaching within your organisation

Corporate Coaching, also called Organisational Coaching or Workplace Coaching, furthers the individual in the work environment. It also addresses some personal beliefs or behaviours that impact the workplace.

Corporate Coaching may include group coaching sessions with the team. This enables the entire team to address some of the issues that are affecting the executive, team or organisation as a whole. These sessions are usually done in conjunction with individual 1:1 sessions with some or all of the team members.

Coach skills training for leaders and emerging leaders can form a valuable part of the organisation’s leadership development capability program.

Coaching equips your leaders and emerging leaders with the models and skills to move away from “command and control” management. It gives them real skills that allow them to effectively communicate, engage people, foster an environment of continuous learning and attract, retain and develop employees.

As demand increases for more collaborative styles, leaders and emerging leaders across organisations are finding that coaching skills are now a core competency. Coaching Skills for Leaders and Emerging Leaders Manager As Coach.

Performance management is a key challenge for all organisations. Giving leaders and emerging leaders coach skills training is a practical approach to this challenge.

Coaching skills training for leaders and emerging leaders is a very practical approach to developing a culture of trust, performance, learning, development, innovation and results.

Today’s highly competitive business environment demands that individuals and organizations perform at higher levels and with greater speed than ever before. Leaders and employees alike must place a new emphasis on individual and collective learning and creativity.

Belinda M is licensed to facilitate a number of workplace Coaching Skills programs:


From $1,698 per person including 1:1 follow up coaching (min 12 persons)



“Our senior leaders are still referring to the wisdom and depth of the learning experience from the Navigational Coaching program. And that’s high praise from a very tough group to please.” Learning and Development Manager, Insurance Company

“Navigational Coaching was the perfect workshop for the HR Generalist to develop critical skills to enhance their ability to perform their job and to teach those skills to other managers. The program was a big success.” Lead Human Resources Business Partner, Technology Company

“This workshop taught me that individuals usually have the answers and that it is more beneficial to coach, not problem solve. That alone has saved me hours.”  Maintenance Supervisor, City Council 

“I now have a roadmap for my employee meetings to guide the process with more structure. The results have been amazing.” Chief Librarian, City Library 

“Our counsellors loved the opportunity to develop their coaching skills and have all noticed an increased effectiveness in their day to day interactions with their clients. We all wished we learned these skills years ago.” Manager, Community Resource Centre

Give your team the edge today

Personal Coaching Style Inventory (PCSI)
Communicating with Style

The PCSI (Personal Coaching Style Inventory) is an assessment tool that helps understand how to connect more easily in various relationships (teams, projects, etc.) by flexing communication styles. It boosts the effectiveness of performance related interpersonal communication. With a deeper understanding of communication styles, leaders and emerging leaders learn to flex their styles to support colleagues, clients and customers. Most importantly the PCSI focusses on strengths to overcome vulnerabilities with communication.

Think of a time when…

  • you experienced frustration when trying to talk to another person
  • they just didn’t seem to understand what you were trying to say, no matter how hard you tried

Now, think of a time when…

  • you really connected with another person and amazing things happened
  • you built off each other’s ideas
  • the conversation flowed easily
  • you achieved the result you were hoping for.

The PCSI is not a psychological/personality tool. It is intended to be a self-inventory where people designate how they want to give and receive feedback and advice. It is best used as a snapshot of how individuals can have effective communication in relationships. It can be used as an enhancement tool for managers, executives, consultants, business owners, HR professionals, personal coaches, internal/external coaches and other professionals.

Simpler and quicker to administer than many other diagnostic tools, the PCSI identifies four principal communication style traits and explains why and how these natural tendencies influence behaviour and interaction during coaching and performance development conversations. With an understanding of these four styles, you can better tailor your communications to suit individual and team needs. One of the many benefits of the PCSI is revealed during teambuliding workshops where effective communication occurs more readily and openly, creating an atmosphere of cooperation and achievement.

After taking this inventory, you will better understand why people respond the way they do during conversations, opening the door to more productive communication. Note that although the PSCI is used widely in business, it also improves the effectiveness of your conversations between you and your partner; you and your kids; you and your family members; and you and your friends.

If you are looking for success in business, this tool gives you the edge.


Contact us to take the PCSI to give you the edge in communication, feedback, performance and relating.

AUD$500 (plus GST if in Australia) includes either a hard copy PCSI or ePCSI (for those of you who like to work online) PLUS a one hour personal debrief with Belinda.

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Leading Virtual Teams is an essential leadership skill in today’s globalised world.

Virtual Team Coaching will support you in improving the quality of your virtual meetings and generate big improvements in your facilitation and management skills.

If you want:

  • More effective virtual meetings (ie: stop wasting precious time)
  • Improved virtual facilitation skills (ie: smoother more effective meetings)
  • More energy and less stress (ie: more fun)
  • Improved collaboration (ie: team works together vs individually)
  • Faster decision making (ie: reach outcomes more quickly)

Then Belinda is the coach for you. For 12 years now Belinda has been participating in or running her own Virtual Teams and she has many insights, tips, tools and much experience to share with you.

Fast track your Virtual Teaming today!


  • 1:1 coaching of team sponsor
  • Group coaching of team – three 1:1 sessions per person PLUS six group sessions of one hour each
  • Max 6 people plus sponsor
  • AUD$12,000 plus GST