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Meeting with your coach on a regular basis to have confidential, brave and candid conversations leads to increased sustainable energy, resilience, and engagement in both the workplace and at home. Where else in your life do you have time to self-reflect? Where else do you explore permanently changing career-limiting behaviours? Where else can you explore how to genuinely infuence and impact the workplace using your IQ and experience AND your natural EQ? Inviting your WHOLE-HEARTED self into the workplace takes courage, commitment and confidence. Holding back and Imposter Syndrome are no longer relevant.

Leaders and emerging leaders use their coaching sessions for a number of reasons:

  1. A sounding board – to hear yourself, to verbalise your thoughts, and to be heard
  2. The Truth – to be challenged, applauded and informed as the situation sees fit
  3. Accountability – to let another human being know not only what you will do, but WHO you will be moving forward

“It has been life changing to work with a coach who is committed to women learning and understanding their money blocks. Belinda understands the power women have when they take ownership of their money, and she has created a supportive space for me to re-write and own my money stories.” KN, Melbourne

“I was introduced to Belinda by another professional coach…it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Belinda, helps me keep things real, keep things in perspective and stay true to myself. I have made clearer decisions, that has kept me focused and on track to achieving MY goals.Thank you Belinda.” Janette Illingsworth, Sydney

“When you coached me, Belinda, I recall you helped me discover a reserve ‘chute’. One time when clarity was ‘out to lunch’. That day I became a big pal of a guy called Trust. Trust had me be more willing to Decide (even when clarity wasn’t quite crystal) + Act. And in that trusting, deciding and acting…. Clarity – in all its glory – showed up loud and proud.” MW, Wellington NZ

“I have worked with Belinda around three or four times now over the last 10 years. As my career has grown I have often challenges and decisions that I have needed to make and Belinda has coached me to always extreme success.
It is such a pleasure to be able to speak out loud on areas that I am ruminating about, and with Belinda at times challenging me and reframing my ideas, all has assisted me to grow and develop as a person and as a leader in challenging organisational roles.

If you are looking for a coach who is skilled around the model and the belief that we all have it within ourselves to develop and form solutions and decisions she is the coach for you.  Thank you !!”  Head of HR, Global Logistics, Bangkok

“Thank you for being patient. You are doing a great job of facilitating my thought processes, rather that pushing an agenda on to me. I have coached with many coaches and a number of them have tried to tell me what I should do rather than facilitate my growth with the right questions. At the moment I am stuck with future direction and re-inventing my work. You are doing a great job of facilitating this re-invention by asking pertinent questions without being forceful about any one particular agenda.” Plant & Facilities Maintenance Management Professional, Melbourne

“I was fortunate enough to receive coaching from Belinda after graduating from University with my Bachelor’s Degree. I was at a stage in my life where I felt that I could take a number of different directions in both my professional career, my personal life. I felt as if I was making decisions that would ultimately set my life on a certain course, it was a daunting time because I didn’t want to get it wrong. I wanted to be happy as well as successful. Belinda’s coaching was an amazing tool that allowed me to order my thoughts and priorities and over the course of the coaching sessions find clarity in what it was that I wanted to achieve and the things that were the most important to me and what would bring me peace and happiness. Belinda’s coaching is a magnificent support to have as she does not tell me what to do or how to do it, she guided me through my own thoughts, beliefs and goals and helped me come to conclusions of what I believed was right for me deep down. In a time of uncertainty and lacking the confidence to know what I wanted to do Belinda’s coaching set me up to make confident and exciting life decisions.” Hamish M, Birmingham Alabama, USA

“Many thanks for the fantastic support and guidance you have given me over the last few months and for assisting me to challenge myself in going for a new role and for supporting me to negotiate an appropriate salary. I am looking forward to our coaching journey together and learning how to set my business boundaries.”
KS, Melbourne

“My experience with Belinda was positive professionally and personally.  Her perspectives and questions caused me to pause, see challenges in a new light, and ultimately, resulted in tangible business growth for me.  Belinda is insightful, kind, and straight-forward.  I highly recommend her coaching services.” Lisa Hope Tilstra, Reussir Group, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Belinda is supportive, thoughtful, compassionate, a great listener, a confidante and completely non-judgmental. From the very beginning, Belinda has really got to know me, my organisation and the challenges that I face: both professionally and personally for me, and also those of my organisation. Throughout our collaboration, I have always felt absolutely confident that our discussions have been 100% confidential. I have found Belinda’s coaching to be very effective in a variety of ways: teacher, supporter, sounding board, challenger. Yes, she has met my objectives in full – acting as a close colleague outside my organisationHeather Linaker, Managing Director, John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd

As a Director for a major Fitness company in the US, I am focused now on continually growing and moving up the ladder to Vice President. But to get there, I realized I needed to be seen in a different light by the executive committee that if I wanted to be viewed as executive material, I would need to learn how to manage up. I always thought I was a good communicator, but I wasn’t getting the traction I needed for my department from the Executive committee. I realized that I was not as an effective communicator as I needed to be. Through a mutual contact, I reached out to Belinda and the WorkStyle program. For several months, after completing the disks, and identifying my strengths, we worked on my biggest presentation of the year for the executive committee together. I can honestly say that I don’t think I would have had anywhere near the level of success that I had if I hadn’t been working with Belinda. Our strategic planning and her continual feedback during our sessions provided me with new insights and most importantly, confidence, so that I could give my presentation in a clear, thoughtful, organized and passionate way! I am continuing my work with Belinda because I truly believe in the value that she brings to the training the really great news is that all that I have learned with her can also be applied to one’s personal life as well, so you get double bang for your buck! At age 51, I know there are greater opportunities ahead and with Belinda’s focus on clarity, objectivity and directional guidance, I know that those can be mine if I just do the work to get there. Carol Espel, National Director, Equinox Fitness, New York

I have recommended you for the benefit of Coaching Profession. I hope people take advantage of your competence, commitment and care. To my mind you deserve it. Narendranath Akhouri, Professor in OB and HR at International Management Institute, Haryana, India

I’m not so much of a workaholic - designing my very own WorkStyle Week and putting boundaries around when I will and will not work, has helped me to create more time for me and I have realised it’s all about balance. My relationship with my business partner (who is also my life partner) has deepened due to the fact that I am making it a priority and planning time for us together – not an easy thing for a workaholic! By learning to underpromise and overdeliver I take the pressure off myself and my customers and friends are delighted more often. I’m relaxed in the knowledge that it’s all about progress, not perfection and I’m enjoying the journey. Kristina Karlsson Founder, Kikki.K

Heartiest congratulations on your 10 year anniversary. You have built an enormously successful coaching business and an enviable reputation as one of the country/region/world’s best coaches. It has been an enormous privilege to be one of your clients. Denis Healy Executive Chairman, PEP Worldwide, Sydney, Australia

Prior to starting with you, my days seemed hectic, rushed and were chaotically spiralling out of control. Work was overwhelming me and I didn’t seem to have enough time left in my days to do the things that were important to me, if in fact I actually knew what was important to me! The most significant changes that I have noticed, as a direct result of your coaching program, are that: my life has become more simplified; I have a greater understanding of discovery of self (including my needs and my values); I have a greater sense of energy & productivity; I have excelled my personal development in the areas of managing expectations, goal setting and influencing outcomes. I strongly believe that these have resulted in: a greater ability for me to receive feedback from people; a higher grading in my performance review and hence a pay rise; me achieving more of my life goals; providing me a ‘tool kit’ to dip into when required. The tangible benefits that I have received as a result of your coaching have equipped me for personal and professional success. Tim Manager, ANZ

It has been great to have some calming glimpses of freedom from the adrenaline lifestyle that I have been living for many years now. Although not a specific goal, my relationship with my partner has improved – this was unexpected yet is fantastic progress. Thanks again Belinda for helping me to finally take action in so many areas. Your support is genuinely helping me make the most of my best – in my personal life and career. Your guidance is really, really appreciated and I’m looking forward to a long and successful coaching partnership with you. Paul, RipCurl, Torquay

Working with Belinda has helped me clear a path through the day to day fog of ‘busy-ness’ to discover the things that really matter to me and deserve my attention. Coaching has helped me quickly settle into my new career by exploring my boundaries, my needs and my ambitions. Belinda has worked with me to discover what I want to be doing with my money, where my money has been going and how I can budget in a manageable, painless way. She’s also coached me on enjoying money ‘as a tool’, rather than using it ‘as a weapon’. It’s nice to be spending guilt free! The most significant achievement for me has been an overall improvement in my general health and well-being. I am more in touch with what my body is telling me and I can make informed choices about what I need to do to feel good and function well. Angelina,Accenture, Melbourne

You have been an invaluable part of my life and have helped me set and achieve so many of my goals. You have coached me through two career transitions as well as house renovations and the pregnancy and subsequent birth of my daughter. Thank you once again for the positive contribution that you have made and are making to my life. Paula. NAB, Melbourne

Prior to coaching, I was unable to balance my personal and professional lives. I never knew how to incorporate the two in order to enjoy them both and as a result of coaching I can now happily say that I have a WorkStyle approach. As a direct result from working with my coach, I have been able to acknowledge my real worth to the organisation I am employed by. I was able to ask for a pay rise knowing that it was not unrealistic as I was adding value to the organisation beyond my position description. The action that I was able to take was to ask for the rise – and I got it! Belinda has been for me the type of coach I can trust unconditionally. Her exceptional ability to listen and be non-judgemental has enabled me to be totally honest about all aspects of my life. Jenny, Southern Health, Victoria

As a participating coach in a program agreed between the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), Belinda MacInnes MCC provided coaching services to WFP staff. The coaching sessions conducted included:

  • A debrief on each participant’s 360 report to recognize strengths and areas of further development;
  • Discussion focusing on specific issues identified by the participants which arose from the 360 report; and
  • Discussion on a personal development action plan.

WFP is the world’s largest humanitarian agency: on average, distributing food to 90 million people each year, including 58 million hungry children in 80 of the world’s poorest countries. www.wfp.org

Coaching is one of those magical processes that we encounter in life without having any idea how amazing they will beBelinda guides this journey with you with such ease and professionalism that you will find yourself moving ahead literally hours after your first conversation with her. Her kind and warm manner, her sensitivity to your needs, her ability to allow you find the space and be who you really are make coaching with her an amazing experience. I was able to focus on my goals, keep doing what it takes, make small but important steps and achieve a truly sustainable peace of mind and energy. Belinda supported me gently through a difficult period and I looked forward to my time with her – a time where it felt safe to be myself and a time when I did not feel judged and was appreciated completely for who I am. She was there also once I felt stronger and ready to face the world with a smile. We were together through the pain and we celebrated my successes. Ralitsa Peeva Phd, Singapore and Bulgaria

Belinda was recommended to me by a person I highly respect – still I was somewhat sceptical and nervous when I initially made contact. Would I be better off just reading more self help books? Would we connect? Would I come out of it wishing I had invested my money elsewhere? I can honestly say I knew within the first ten minutes of our first chat that I had made the right decision. I felt completely at ease. I can honestly say the experience is probably the best thing I have done for myself in my 41 years. Not only do I consider Belinda my coach. She became my confidante, my mentor, my support, my friend. She encouraged, empathised and advised. After my job of 22 years, was made redundant I was a little shell shocked and lost. She helped me set goals and steered me in the right direction. Today, after working with Belinda for 3 months, I believe I am stronger, more focused and determined. I’m pursuing a career I never dreamed I would. My relationships have improved. But the biggest thing is – I like myself more. I see my potential. I no longer feel lost.

Belinda has employed a very powerful listening technique in her coaching of me. Allowing her to focus powerfully on the substance of my inquiry or issue. To steer me forward quickly towards a clearer or better outcome. To convert dilemma or inertia into a positive and fulfilling result. Belinda has turned my talk into action by gently, but rigorously, requesting I step beyond a mere understanding of my inaction or blockage into determining specific and achievable actions. Actions that match my values and allow me to grow fully and in integrity. Finally, it is Belinda’s acceptance of me for who I am that is so rewarding and effective. As a result of being acknowledged in that way, I am developing a strong new foundation. Great growth and increasing happiness and satisfaction are emerging from that foundation. I feel much gratitude and respect for Belinda. Martin Wellington, New Zealand 




  • 4 x 45 minute telephone coaching sessions per month
  • unlimited emails between sessions
  • unlimited telephone calls between sessions
  • 45 minute strategy and review session (every 3 months)
  • occassional newsletter, WorkStyle by design
  • access to our extensive resource library
  • investment per month: $1,350 inc GST


  • 3 x 45 minute telephone coaching sessions per month
  • unlimited emails between sessions
  • unlimited telephone calls between sessions
  • 45 minute strategy and review session (every 3 months)
  • occassional newsletter, WorkStyle by design
  • access to our extensive resource library
  • investment per month: $1050 inc GST


  • 2 x 45 minute telephone coaching sessions per month
  • unlimited emails between sessions
  • 45 minute strategy and review session (every 3 months)
  • occassional newsletter, WorkStyle by design
  • access to our extensive resource library
  • investment per month: $730 inc GST

just in time coaching:

  • $375 inc GST per 45 minute session

please note

  • all programs (except JIT) have a minimum commitment of 3 months
  • for fast results and to build momentum, we strongly recommend that you undertake either the energise or the discover program for the first 3 months
  • face to face coaching sessions incur at 15% loading
  • coaching fees are often tax deductible
  • prices effective 1 January 2012

Fast track your career today

Professional coaching is an ongoing partnership that helps you produce fulfilling results in your personal and professional life. Through the process of coaching, you deepen your learning, improve your performance, and enhance your quality of life.

The 2012 ICF Global Coaching Study undertaken by Pricewaterhouse Coopers received more than 12,000 valid responses from 117 countries. These figures prove that coaching really is a global profession. The study estimates there are 47,500 practising coaches worldwide and I’m one of them! We are generating close to US$2billion dollars in annual revenue/income.

In 2010 the International Coach Federation (ICF) commissioned Price waterhouse Cooper’s International Survey Unit (ISU) to conduct the Global Consumer Awareness Study which surveyed 15,000 individuals, ages 25 and up, from 20 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America.

Here are top findings from the Global Consumer Awareness Study:

Why are people involved in a coaching relationship?

More than two-fifths (42.6 percent) of respondents who had experienced coaching chose “optimize individual and/or team performance” as their motivation for being coached. This reason ranked highest followed by “expand professional career opportunities” (38.8 percent) and “improve business management strategies” (36.1 percent). “Increase self-esteem/self-confidence” and “manage work/life balance” rated fourth and fifth to round out the top five motivation areas.

How satisfied are those who have been coached?

Satisfaction levels are very high (83 percent) among those who have been involved in a coaching relationship, 36 percent of which were “very satisfied.” The level of satisfaction rises even higher to 92 percent among those with an ICF Credentialed coach, 55 percent of which were “very satisfied.”

To read more results from this survey click Global Awareness of Coaching 2011 to download the two page PDF file.

2008 ICF Global Coaching Client Study, a study conducted by the International Coach Federation, PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Association Resource Centre, Inc reported the following results for Asia Pacific:

  • 65% of coaching clients are female
  • The majority of coaching clients are between the ages of 36 and 45 (35.8%)
  • The majority of coaching clients have acquired a university degree such as Bachelors (37.4%)
  • The duration for the average coaching relationship for survey participants was 10.6 months
  • The top three motivations for obtaining coaching are:
    1. Self-esteem/Self-confidence (39.3%)
    2. Work/Life Balance (31.5%)
    3. Work Performance (31.5%)
  • 97.1% of coaching clients report they would repeat their coaching experience
  • 86.0% of coaching clients report they are “very satisfied” with their coaching experience