Mentor Coaching for Coaches

When we start coaching there is much to focus on, many areas to expend our valuable resources of energy, time and money. To make thing clearer and simpler Belinda breaks them down into the 3P’s of sustainable coaching success:

Practice, Personal and Professional Development.

Practice Development - Your business skills, your business systems and your ability to follow these systems. (the pcbs revisited)

Personal Development - Your strong personal foundation that keeps you grounded so you won’t be uprooted and blown around by the winds of life.

Professional Development - Your coach specific training, your professional association and your coach. (ICF Credentialing) This 3P’s model explains why it is essential to have strength in all three areas if you want a sustainable and successful coaching business.

If you have strength in only two areas, just like a stool with one short leg, your ride will be wobbly and uncomfortable. And with just the one strength, the stool’s equivalent of two short legs, you will most likely fall off!



Belinda offers 1:1 mentor coaching via telephone for the coach who wants to gain their 10 Mentor Hours for their ICF credential. During this personalised live support we will discuss and practice demonstrating the ICF’s 11 Core Coaching Competencies. Belinda was part of the three person global team who wrote the ICF’s Minimum Skills documents for each credential (ACC, PCC and MCC) thus she is highly qualified to assist you with demonstrating the Core Competencies, and also in what NOT to demonstrate. Belinda very much enjoys supporting newer coaches through the credentialing process (minimum 10 hour commitment over at least 3 months) to gain both Competence and Confidence.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Belinda as my Mentor now for 4 months.  Although she reads incredibly well on paper, she is even more credible in person.  In my quest to become a PCC and then MCC coach, Belinda has listened to recordings in which she has provided solid and robust written and verbal feedback, allowing me to progress and understand what it takes to go from being a good to great coach. Furthermore, she has provided additional insight by phone when she has role-modelled what an MCC coach sounds like. She has raised my awareness of what it takes to move from being a PCC to MCC coach. I highly recommend Belinda as a coach, a mentor and someone who can help you move to where it is you wish to go.” Robyn C from Melbourne

“I first met Belinda when she became my executive coach when I was Chief Operating Officer and then Managing Director for the Australian arm of global publisher John Wiley & Sons. I found the coaching experience so valuable that, when I decided to leave Wiley nearly 3 years later, I embarked on a second career – as an executive coach myself.

I started on the journey to becoming a coach about five-and-a-half years ago, and Belinda has supported me from Day 1 as my mentor coach. She has trained me, she has challenged me, she has listened to coach session recordings and given me very specific and detailed feedback that has been the most valuable professional development I have ever had. And throughout she has supported me: reminding me of my strengths, reframing my perspectives when I had self-doubts, encouraging me to own my authentic style and be the best coach I can be.

I have just secured my PCC credential with the ICF. I could not have done this without Belinda, and I recommend her unreservedly.”  Heather L from Brisbane

“Deep gratitude for these past 14 weeks. Dear Belinda, this is something I saw on Facebook today, and it brings you to heart/mind: Every now and then, a person with no agenda, no ulterior motive or no self-interest will take pleasure in helping you to succeed, grow and live your purpose. This person will operate in love, this person will seek no praise and will want nothing in return. This person is a gift. With love and many blessings…”  Lorna S from Sydney

“Dear Belinda, thanks so much for another great session. I truly enjoyed it, have learned a lot and also as I said, gained a much greater level of respect for the coaching profession and you as a great coach. Very laser sharp messaging, powerful questioning and active listening as I definitely felt the support, trust and acknowledgment. Thank you and look forward to the next session.”  Nadia P from Hong Kong and Taiwan

Belinda offers 10 hours of Mentor Coaching along these lines:

“I listen to you early on – around session 2 – to get an indication of what level you are currently coaching. Then we can identify any gaps between where you are where you want to be which is ACC or PCC or MCC. We would then use the middle sessions to practise/discuss/understand what is required to bridge those gaps. This may include me coaching you for 30 mins then we unpack what I did against the Core Competencies for the remaining 30 minutes of that session. I’d like to hear you coach again around session 8 or 9 to confirm your ‘new’ coaching level and, if need be, tweak anything that needs tweaking to ensure you are ready to apply for your credential. We would also talk through the application process as well as manage expectations so you are truly set up to pass! I need you to send me a recording of you coaching a real client – we can discuss how to do this ethically and technically so you are relaxed.”

“Remember, what is unique about me as your Mentor Coach is that I’m a seasoned MCC, and an ICF Assessor, so I’m very clear on what is required in your ICF exams – and will be able to assess your current level of coaching, and identify any gaps quickly and give you solid, tangible, actionable feedback. Given I was one of three authors of the ICF’s Minimum Skills documents (which was truly a labor of love), I eat/breathe/quote the ICF’s 11 Core Competencies… even under water!”

Belinda charges AUD$400 per hour (plus GST if you reside in Australia) for Mentor Coaching. This will include in between short calls if required, and access to her resource library.

To see the ICF’s Mentor Coach Duties and Comptencies, click here. Belinda is registered on the ICF’s Mentor Coach Registry.

Belinda also offers 1:1 mentor coaching via telephone for the coach who wants to implement the pcbs revisited with scheduled accountability. This is true personalised live support around setting up and running your coaching practice using systems. Mentee coaches can purchase the pcbs revisited for 15% off of the regular price! That’s your very own pcbs revisited for just $559! (minimum 3 month commitment)



Belinda is proud to be a Professional Mentor Coach (PMC) which is recognised by (Coach U and Corporate Coach U).This PMC designation takes much commitment and regular professional development to uphold and renew. Currently she is one of only a couple of PMC’s in Asia Pacific. It is a rare and well earned designation.

ICF Definition of Mentor Coaching: For the purpose of credentialing, mentor coaching means an applicant being coached on their coaching skills rather than coaching on practice building, life balance, or other topics unrelated to the development of an applicant’s coaching skills. This requirement is intended to help applicants prepare for participation in the ICF Portfolio exam.

Are you thinking of applying for Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC) or Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and want to be fully prepared?

One of the best ways to grow your business and attract clients is to become credentialed with the International Coach Federation. This not only makes you more credible to prospects and current clients; it SETS YOU APART from the myriad of people out there calling themselves a coach. An ICF credential is your differentiator in the market place. Oh, and it also gives you credibility with yourself!

When was the last time someone supervised your coaching?

ICF Definition of Coaching Supervision: Coaching supervision is a collaborative learning practice to continually build the capacity of the coach through reflective dialogue and to benefit his or her clients and the overall system.

Coaching Supervision is distinct from Mentor Coaching for Credentialing. Mentor Coaching focuses on the development of coaching skills mainly in the context of initial development. Coaching Supervision focuses on the development of the coach’s capacity through offering a richer and broader opportunity for support and development. In Coaching Supervision, the coach is invited to focus much more on what is going on in their process and where the personal may be intruding on the professional. Coaching supervision creates a safe environment for the coach to share their successes and failures in becoming masterful in the way they work with their clients.

More details on Coaching Supervision can be found on this page of the ICF website.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Belinda as my Mentor now for 4 months.  Although she reads incredibly well on paper, she is even more credible in person.  In my quest to become a PCC and then MCC coach, Belinda has listened to recordings in which she has provided solid and robust written and verbal feedback, allowing me to progress and understand what it takes to go from being a good to great coach. Furthermore, she has provided additional insight by phone when she has role-modelled what an MCC coach sounds like. She has raised my awareness of what it takes to move from being a PCC to MCC coach. I highly recommend Belinda as a coach, a mentor and someone who can help you move to where it is you wish to go.” Robyn Creed, Melbourne

“Your book, The Professional Coach’s Business System (PCBS) Revisited” is one of the most helpful readings/materials/sources that I have had in my life as a coach.” Ralista Peeva, Singapore and Bulgaria

“Belinda – My “Guru” at Coach U. A phenomenal Coach who trained me as a Coach. The finesse that she demonstrated training me and my batch mates sowed the seeds in my mind to accomplish the level of excellence that she displayed. I look up to her as role model Coach, she is a bench mark. She continues to be my “go to” or “seek from” mentor when I have a doubt. I also had the opportunity to be  group mentored by her early on after my Coach training. Thank you Belinda.”   Vangipuram Balaji ACC , Potters Wheel, India

“Thank you Belinda. I think about you often. I am glad that I engaged you as my mentor coach – I received a great deal of value from those conversations. They are often with me. It is interesting how different elements of the conversations emerge as different things become relevant.” Alison Manning

“It made me really glad all over again that I choose you as a mentor coach at the start, as I know I picked up a lot by osmosis about good coaching by being coached by you.” Robyn Ellison, Fresh Horizons Coaching Limited, Wellington New Zealand 

“Working with a Master Certified Mentor is a wonderful opportunity to grow and develop. I was looking for a Mentor who would not only enhance strengths and highlight areas for improvement but who would support improvement in the most efficient and effective way. Belinda was an obvious choice. She is a talented and valuable one-on-one mentor coach. Her feedback is simple and clear and has added great value to my coaching technique. Her willingness to share and to encourage enriches the mentoring process and she is clearly at the forefront of coaching professionalism. For clients to have complete confidence in me as a professional coach the mentors I choose need to be the best available. Belinda is certainly one of the best our industry has and I will continue to work with her as I move towards Mastery. I sincerely encourage anyone looking for a Mentor as part of their credentialing process, or otherwise, to give her a call – you will be in very good hands.” Michelle Homa, Director, Coach & Co, Mornington Peninsula Australia 

“I want you to thank you of connecting me with the coaching community in Asia Pacific. I started to pick up more jobs in the regions and participating in projects that energise me and feeding into my personal growth. It will not happen in such a way without you connecting me to helpful people. Thanks million, Belinda ” Leona Wan, Intuitive Success, Sydney Australia

“I chose to work with Belinda as my mentor coach because I liked her style; she is authentic, straight-up and having seen her coach as part of a demonstration I knew she was great at what she does. I knew that she would have the courage and caring to ask me the hard questions and I like and want that in my coach. We worked together in a dual capacity – to enhance my own coaching capability, and to focus on developing the new business venture I had recently entered with my mother. I entered this process with a list of goals but came out of it with not only a sense of achievement regarding those goals but also a clearer sense of who I am and what I am capable of – something I wasn’t expecting but am very grateful for. Thanks Belinda.” Rebekah Gunns, Coach and Business Owner

“Belinda has held my hands in my journey as a new coach. Expecting to enhance my coaching skills in the sessions, I have built a stronger personal foundation and confidence. During the coaching period, I have gone through tough times in work and personal life. Belinda has supported me strongly by guiding me to the positive sides. I am so lucky to get Belinda as my mentor coach.” Parkson Tseung, Human Resources Manager, China

Here is what Mentor Coachees are saying they are gaining from having Belinda as their Professional Mentor Coach:

  • Learn to trust my gut
  • I don’t have to have all of the answers for my coachees
  • Loads of practical tips for setting up my business
  • I have been able to focus my energies to attain my goals much more efficiently and productively
  • My coaching business has been able to become a full time enterprise in only 3 months rather than my original 9-12 month projection
  • Belinda has greatly assisted me to ensure that my personal and business foundations are firm, enabling strong growth during this initial period in my practice development
  • My coaching skills have been greatly enhanced; I have deeper understanding and demonstration of 11 core competencies My personal foundation has built in a more solid manner through WorkStyle Inventory
  • My self confidence both as a person and as a coach has been improved through Belinda s assurance and recognition Perspective (I had all I needed to generate more business)
  • Courage (to believe I could really do some of the things I wanted to accomplish)
  • Performance (ensuring that I continue to improve how I coach and to keep coming back to the ICF guidelines, the core values)
  • Support and acknowledgement a professional, neutral and positive sounding board. Belinda is a great cheerleader and I really appreciated her logical, practical guidance
  • Developing a week by week strategy working in small steps to help achieve what felt like overwhelming challenges
  • Clarity and energy being able to focus on what was important. By doing so I achieved what I set out to each week, which in turn energised and encouraged me to achieve more.